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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Part 2: Chapter 4 Summary

  • Jake visits Singer all the time.
  • One day he comes in talking, as usual, and realizes that Singer doesn't know he's there since he didn't see him come in. Jake's a bit weirded out by that.
  • But he gets over it pretty quickly, apparently, because he goes on to tell more of his life story and explains how a lady named Miss Clara "awakened" him to the "truth" and converted him to Communism.
  • Jake gets increasingly angry as he rants about America and how workers are treated badly.
  • Part of the problem: Jake's job at the Sunny Dixie pretty much stinks.
  • At night, he goes home and is desperately lonely in his little basement apartment . "The loneliness in him was so keen that he was filled with terror." (2.4.21) Ugh.
  • So, Jake drinks to deal with his crappy life. Well that explains that.
  • Jake tries to preach the word of Communism to the mill workers in town and usually ends up in fist-fights with them after they start mocking him.
  • Later, Jake talks to Singer again and wonders if he should go up north and join an actual Communist group. But, as it turns out, he hates all governments and groups.
  • Jake did try to start his own social movement group once, but the members stole money from the group treasury to buy food, booze, and snazzy outfits.
  • Jake starts laughing maniacally at this story, and Singer gets concerned that his visitor is stinkin' nuts (which he kind of is).
  • Life continues like this for Jake until one day he sees a message written on a wall (literally).
  • It's some graffiti talking about bringing down the powerful. Jake gets excited and writes a kind of response note on the wall, telling the author to meet him there the next day.
  • No one shows up. Wah wah.

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