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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Part 3: Chapter 2 Summary

  • Jake is running through town that afternoon, hightailing it away from the Sunny Dixie Show. There was a riot at the Show: a lot of people are injured and some are dead.
  • Jake couldn't stop the outbreak of violence. He knew a fight was coming for a while, but all the racial tensions in town hit a boiling point that afternoon – it was whites versus blacks, and it was very bloody.
  • Jake joined in the fighting, too, of course, and Lancy Davis was killed.
  • Once the police arrived Jake made a run for it.
  • Now he passes Simms, and the two greet each other with insults as usual.
  • As he runs, Jake thinks of Singer. He can't get over Singer's death; in fact, he's furious about it.
  • He thinks about how it's time to move on. But this time he wants to go someplace with a lot of people, someplace where he could disappear in a crowd and maybe join a political group.
  • Then he thinks of Copeland, too, and how he's a nut. He heads to Copeland's house, but no one is there, so he runs to the Kellys' to talk to Portia.
  • Portia says that her father has gone to the country to rest, and she refuses to tell Jake where he is since Doctor Copeland is still very upset with Jake.
  • Jake finally wanders to Biff's Café and tells Biff what happened.
  • A huge storm rolls in and it starts to rain while Biff gets Jake a meal and they discuss Jake's plans.
  • After resting a bit, Jake heads out of town. He starts feeling hopeful as he walks, and he's ready for a change. But one thing's for sure: he won't leave the South.

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