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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  • What is Singer's role in the story? Is he a protagonist, a plot device, a symbol? Something else entirely?
  • What is the role of children in the novel?
  • We sure get a lot of information about the weather in this novel. How does this help set the overall mood?
  • There's no denying it: this is a really depressing book. But are there any notes of hope at the end?
  • Do any of the characters ever fully connect with other people?
  • How does the economy play a role in the characters' lives? Don't forget, this is right smack dab in the middle (or, end, actually) of the Great Depression.
  • Did you feel connected to the historical context of this book? Do you read it differently when you know that World War II was just around the corner?
  • Mick is really the only female lead. What's with that?
  • What is Antonapoulos' role in the novel? What would the book look like without him? Could this story have been told without the whole Singer/Antonapoulos story line?

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