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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Chapter 1 Quotes

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Quote 100

"He alluded constantly to Europe, to the people I was supposed to know there - putting leading questions as to my acquaintances in the sepulchral city, and so on. His little eyes glittered like mica discs—with curiosity—though he tried to keep up a bit of superciliousness." (1.57)

The ambitious brickmaker tries to pump information out of Marlow without telling him why, even though Marlow can totally tell what he's after.

The Brickmaker

Quote 101

[The brickmaker]: "'The same people who sent him [Kurtz] specially also recommended you. Oh, don't say no. I've my own eyes to trust.' Light dawned upon me. My dear aunt's influential acquaintances were producing an unexpected effect upon that young man." (1.59)

Here, we find out that the brickmaker is trying to get in good with the Company bigwigs, the friends of Marlow's aunts. And we also find out that Kurtz was recommended by the same people as Marlow. Hmmm. That's an interesting parallel.

Quote 102

"He, don't you see, had been planning to be assistant-manager by and by under the present man, and I could see that the coming of that Kurtz had upset them both not a little." (1.61)

Honestly, isn't it kind of pathetic that the goal of all the brickmaker's ambitions is to become the assistant manager? If he's going to be such a slimy suckup, at least he could set his sights a little higher.

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