Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness
by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Chapter 2 Quotes Page 6

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Quote 16

"His [Kurtz’s] name, you understand, had not been pronounced once. He was 'that man.'" (2.2)

The manager and his uncle refuse to pronounce Kurtz’s name, perhaps in a gesture of awe and fear-inspired respect or simply because they do not want any eavesdroppers (like Marlow) to know whom they are talking about.

Quote 17

"'It is unpleasant,' grunted the uncle. 'He has asked the Administration to be sent there,' said the other, 'with the idea of showing what he could do; and I was instructed accordingly. Look at the influence that man must have. Is it not frightful?'" (2.1)

The manager and his uncle fear Kurtz for his ability to survive in the interior; therefore, they fear having to survive the interior themselves.

Quote 18

"They swore aloud together – out of sheer fright, I believe – then pretending not to know anything of my existence, turned back to the station." (2.3)

The manager and his uncle exemplify the constant fear induced by the wilderness.

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