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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Chapter 3 Quotes

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Quote 106

"Suddenly she opened her bared arms and threw them up rigid above her head, as though in an uncontrollable desire to touch the sky, and at the same time the swift shadows darted out on the earth, swept around on the river, gathering the steamer into a shadowy embrace. A formidable silence hung over the scene." (3.15)

The warrior woman is an extension of the wilderness—a sexy one. Notice words like "desire" and "embrace" and "bared arms"? We're starting to understand why Kurtz doesn't want to leave.

Quote 107

"She turned away slowly, walked on, following the bank, and passed into the bushes to the left. Once only her eyes gleamed back at us in the dusk of the thickets before she disappeared." (3.16)

Like the wilderness, the warrior woman seems content only to show off her power, not to actually harm the pilgrims...yet.

Quote 108

"'If she had offered to come aboard I really think I would have tried to shoot her,' said the man of patches, nervously. 'I have been risking my life every day for the last fortnight to keep her out of the house." (3.17)

The harlequin feels threatened by the warrior woman, so much so that he works to keep her away from Kurtz.

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