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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Chapter 3 Quotes

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[Marlow]: "'It was impossible not to—'

'Love him,' she [the Intended] finished eagerly, silencing me into an appalled dumbness. 'How true! how true! But when you think that no one knew him so well as I! I had all his noble confidence. I knew him best.'" (3.56-57)

Oh girl, you don't know him at all.

Charlie Marlow

Quote 113

"And the girl talked, easing her pain in the certitude of my sympathy; she talked as thirsty men drink." (3.60)

This conversation with the Intended doesn't do much to change Marlow's mind about women.

Quote 114

"'. . . Who was not his friend who had heard him speak once?' she [the Intended] was saying. 'He drew men towards him by what was best in them.' She looked at me with intensity. 'It's the gift of the great,' she went on…" (3.61)

The Intended puts great store by Kurtz's words, believing that they lured men to him and earned him his admiration from all mankind. She's naïve about the true motivations of men, which we have seen to be far darker and more self-serving.

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