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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Charlie Marlow Quotes

Charlie Marlow

Quote 28

"I had to wait in the station for ten days – an eternity." (1.45)

Marlow hates delay and wants to get started as soon as possible on his journey into the heart of Africa. He is impatient. This is interesting, given that the Nellie is itself delayed while he tells his story.

Charlie Marlow

Quote 29

"I asked myself what I was to do there, now my boat was lost. As a matter of fact, I had plenty to do in fishing my command out of the river. I had to set about it the very next day. That, and the repairs when I brought the pieces to the station, took some months." (1.51)

Marlow is so intent on making his journey that he loses no time in beginning repairs on the steamboat. However, the damage is done and he must delay his trip yet again.

Charlie Marlow

Quote 30

[Marlow]: "Of course in this you fellows see more than I could then. You see me, whom you know […]." (1.65)

The current, story-telling Marlow emphasizes the differences between himself now and himself as a character in his tale. His maturation from these events of a year ago has now given him a wisdom and perspective he previously lacked.