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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness Mr. Kurtz Quotes

Mr. Kurtz

Quote 7

[Kurtz]: "'I was on the threshold of great things,' he pleaded, in a voice of longing, with a wistfulness of tone that made my blood run cold. 'And now for this stupid scoundrel—'" (3.29)

Kurtz thinks himself a force of good while the manager is a "stupid scoundrel," as a force of evil who thwarts his glorious plans. Well, we don't like the manager or anything, but we're pretty sure it's not that simple.

Mr. Kurtz

Quote 8

"At this moment I heard Kurtz's deep voice behind the curtain: 'Save me!—save the ivory, you mean. Don't tell me. Save me!'" (3.18)

Kurtz is so debauched by greed that he assumes everyone feels the same way. He believes that the manager does not actually want to save him, but to save the ivory in order to look good to the Company. He is, of course, correct.

Mr. Kurtz

Quote 9

[Kurtz]: "'Sick! Sick! Not so sick as you would like to believe. Never mind. I'll carry my ideas out yet—I will return. I'll show you what can be done. You with your little peddling notions - you are interfering with me. I will return.'" (3.18)

Kurtz—apparently ignoring the fact that he is literally dying—still thinks he's going to win. He considers not only that the manager himself is less powerful than he, but that the manager's ideas are merely "little peddling notions" beside his own great ambitions.