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Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness


by Joseph Conrad

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Chapter 1


1. Which city is referred to as the “biggest and greatest town on earth”?
2.  Who was Fresleven and what happened to him?
3. From which country does Marlow join a Company and begin his journey?
4.  What does the doctor measure on Marlow’s body and why?
5.  Describe what the Man of War was engaged in and why this is odd.
6.  Why are the natives sitting under the trees in the grove?
7.  Why are the natives in Marlow’s caravan annoyed and mutinous?
8.  Upon arriving at the Central Station, what news does Marlow receive about his ship?
9.  What is the main luxury item that the white men are searching for in Africa?
10. What kind of parts does Marlow desperately need to repair his ship?


1.  London
2.  A Danish captain who got killed by the natives because of a dispute over hens
3.  Belgium
4.  His head. Because the doctor believes only crazy men embark on journeys to uncivilized lands.
5.  Firing cannons at the jungle on the coastline. This is strange because there is no one on the coast fighting back.
6. They are exhausted and sick from being overworked and have come there to rest or to die
7.  Because they have to carry the heavy white man on a hammock after he caught a fever
8.  It has been sunk and is sitting on the bottom of the river
9.  Ivory
10.  Rivets