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by H.D.

Heat Resources

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The skinny on Imagism

Get the deets here!


Some H.D. poems

Check out some pretty neat readings, including "Heat."


A reading of H.D.'s "Garden"

"Heat" beings midway through!

Check out H.D.'s voice…

…as she reads her poem "Helen in Egypt."

Librivox's Reading

Here's another audio version.


Serious H.D.:

She was a cutie (if serious) patootie!

Pensive H.D.:

Here's a haunting, elegant pic.

Articles and Interviews

Modern American Poetry on H.D.

Read a whole bunch of people saying a whole bunch of smart things about H.D.


H.D.'s Collected Poems

For all you hardcore H.D. lovers out there, check out her collected poems.

Sea Garden

Read H.D.'s book online for free.

Imagist Poetry: An Anthology

Check out this book and see what the fuss about Imagism is all about.

Movies & TV

Hilda's in the movies!

Check out her long-lost silent film about interracial relationships.

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