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Hector Photos

I mean, saying goodbye to Andromache was sad, but I don't remember getting this melodramatic about it. [Hector and Andromache by Anton Losenko, 18th century]

This Is More Like It
Yeah, it was definitely more like this. [Hector's Departure from Andromache by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1812]

My Foolish Brother
Seriously, Paris, maybe you should've thought a little harder before you brought that girl home. [Hector Addressing Reproaches to Paris by Pierre Coude François Delorme]

Mean Achilles
Did he really have to drag my body around like this? [19th century fresco at the Achilleion in Corfu, Greece]

Sorry, Baby
I had to go fight, Andromache. A man is only as good as his honor. [Andromache Mourning Over the Body of Hector by Jacques-Louis David, 1783]

Kind of Creepy
Why are there so many pictures of my corpse on the Internet? [Hector's Body by Jacques-Louis David, 1778]

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