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Case File: Priam vs. Achilles

Police Reports

Case Description: Complainant (Priam) accuses Defendant (Achilles) of being a big old jerk wad. After Achilles killed Hector, Priam's son, the Greek warrior dragged his corpse around Troy with his chariot. To add insult to injury, Achilles then left Hector's body out in the open where it could be eaten by buzzards and dogs.

Case Status: Case closed. Even the gods got a little grossed out by what Achilles was doing, so his mom, Thetis, came down and convinced him to let Priam have Hector's body. Achilles finally agreed, but took a huge ransom in return for the corpse. Priam himself came into the Greek camp to retrieve Hector's body, and the Trojans mourned him and had funeral games for 12 days.

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