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Hector's Wall


You know what, world? Maybe being dead isn't so bad after all. At least there's no war here. Everything is peaceful.


Speak for yourself. Death totally sucks for me.




Yeah, why don't you try the Dungeon of the Damned? Then we'll see how wonderful death is.

You guys all damned yourself through your wicked deeds. I'm surprised you're even allowed on Facebook.


Blah, blah, blah... you are such a goody two shoes. I wish my great grandsons, Agamemnon and Menelaus, had been man enough to put a spear through your throat.

Achilles did a great job of that, thanks.

No prob, bro! Always love a fan.

I wouldn't exactly call myself a fan.

Peaceful day of horseback riding in Elysian Fields with my boy.


Get home safe! Love you guys!

Will do, hun.


Don't forget that Priam and Hecuba are coming over for dinner tonight.

Could never forget dear old Mom and Dad.

But you can forget your dear old brother...

I still need some space, brother.

Wishing Paris had thought a little harder about the whole Helen thing.

I was in love!

I was, too. With my wife and child, who died because of your little love affair.

Little? It was sanctioned by Aphrodite herself. It was grand! Divine!

Your worship of love destroyed everything! Everything!

Not everything!

Mom and Dad...

Yeah, them.

And me...

Yeah, you too.

And my wife, Andromache, and baby boy, Scamandrius.

Okay, okay... you said them already. You don't understand! Helen's delicate touch, her radiant smile, the flower petal smell of her hair...

Seriously, P? Can we say TMI?

Stop calling him P! I will destroy him and all Trojans! I'll drag all their souls into Tartarus!

Here we go again.

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