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Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler

by Henrik Ibsen

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How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

MRS. ELVSTED is a woman of fragile figure, with pretty, soft features. Her eyes are light blue, large, round, and somewhat prominent, with a startled, inquiring expression. Her hair is remarkably light, almost flaxen, and unusually abundant and wavy. She is a couple of years younger than HEDDA She wears a dark visiting dress, tasteful, but not quite in the latest fashion. (Stage directions after 1.209)

Mrs. Elvsted embodies all the femininity that Hedda lacks; this is apparent from the moment we see her.

Quote #5

Because if I had thought of it I should have come a little—earlier.
[Crossing the room.] Then you would have found no one to receive you; for I have been in my room changing my dress ever since lunch.
And is there no sort of little chink that we could hold a parley through? (2.20-2)

OK, Brack wants Hedda. We get the message. This is the result of her looks, yes, but also the fact that she shares Brack’s proclivity for the risqué.

Quote #6

[Who has never taken his eyes off her, says softly and slowly:] Hedda—Gabler! (2.287)

Løvborg is presented as yet another admirer of the lovely Hedda. But we soon discover that, unlike George, his feelings have more to do with Hedda’s personality than her looks.