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Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler


by Henrik Ibsen

Judge Brack Timeline and Summary

  • Judge Brack shows up at the Tesmans' house. We see that he has helped arrange George’s finances to buy the massive house they now live in.
  • He also brings some bad news: George will have to compete for the post of professor with Eilert.
  • Brack visits again, this time when Hedda is alone. He flirts with her for a bit and explains that he would love to have a triangle situation going on with her and her husband.
  • He gets Hedda to discuss her marriage, tells her she’s unhappy, and listens to her confess her manipulative sins (like pretending she wanted this house and pretending the thought Julie’s hat was the maid’s).
  • After Eilert arrives, Brack retreats with George to the back room to have a drink.
  • Brack leaves for his stag party with the other two men.
  • The next morning, while George is at Rina’s place, Brack tells Hedda about what happened the night before. He advises that the Tesmans close their door to Eilert, who is essentially a social outcast at this point. When Hedda pushes, though, he admits that he really just doesn’t want a guy making their triangle into a square.
  • Brack is the one to bring news of Eilert’s death the next day. He tells one story to Hedda, George, and Thea – that Eilert killed himself with a shot to the chest. Then he tells the real story, in private, to Hedda: Eilert accidentally shot himself in the gut while looking for a lost item at Mademoiselle Diana’s.
  • He explains that, if the police find out that the weapon used was Hedda’s pistol, she will have to answer a ton of questions and even go to court. There will be a scandal. As long as she does what he wants, he won’t tell anyone.
  • The Judge is busy gloating when Hedda kills herself. He delivers the play’s final line: "People don’t do such things!"