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Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler


by Henrik Ibsen

Miss Juliana Tesman Timeline and Summary

  • Miss Tesman arrives at the new Tesman house and converses with Berta about George.
  • Then she chats with George about Hedda, convinced that he is lucky to have snagged such a beautiful woman from an aristocratic family. She reveals that she took a mortgage out on she and Rina’s pension as security on George’s new carpets and furniture.
  • She explains that she bought a new hat to please Hedda.
  • When Hedda enters, she (Hedda) pretends that the hat belongs to the maid. Julie explains that it is hers, and soon leaves, but only after hinting that Hedda is pregnant.
  • Miss Tesman returns in Act IV, in mourning for her sister Rina. She tells Hedda not to worry about helping with funeral arrangements, as it’s no place for a woman like her. She hints some more at Hedda having a baby.
  • She also reveals her deep-seated need to take care of someone, to have another person to live for.