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Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler


by Henrik Ibsen

Hedda Gabler: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "What sort of a man is your husband, Thea? I mean—you know—in everyday life. Is he kind to you?" -> Hedda Tesman
2. Who said, "Yes, that is my aim. And for that I will fight—with every weapon I can command."? -> Eilert Lovborg
3. Who said, "Why, bless me—then Aunt Julia was right after all! Oh yes—I knew it! Hedda! Just fancy—Eilert Løvborg is not going to stand in our way!"? -> George Tesman
4. Who said, "No; it is only the moral victory I care for"? -> Juliana Tesman
5. Who said, "It will not end with last night—I know that perfectly well. And the thing is that now I have no taste for that sort of life either. I won’t begin it anew. She has broken my courage and my power of braving life out."? -> Eilert Lovborg