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Interview with Heimdall

Bifröst Bridge Security Log
Chief Surveillance Officer Heimdall of the Aesir Reporting

Thor's Day, Middle of Fall, Eternity

Fog and drizzle over Bifröst make surveillance difficult. Mistook a dwarf on a cart for a giant and almost impaled him before he identified himself as a jewelry delivery for Freyja. (Have got to remind Freyja to announce her dwarvish deliveries—she gets so many…). Remainder of the day slow and uneventful. Still on the lookout for that giant Odin's so worried about—Hrung something? So far no dice.

Frigg's Day, Middle of Fall, Eternity

Lots of picnickers on Bifröst today—skies clear and crisp. Little to report. Kicked back with a glass of the latest from my mead of the month club—sphagnum moss. It's delicious.

Saturday, Middle of Fall, Eternity

At approximately 2:00AM, spied cloaked, shadowy figure carrying a glittering object, skulking over the bridge. He appeared suspicious so I decided to give pursuit. Chased him all the way out to some mossy rocks in the middle of the sea, where he suddenly shape-shifted into a seal. Had no choice but to do the same and engage in flipper-to-flipper combat. It turned out to be that no-good son of a giant, Loki, trying to run off with Freyja's necklace, Brisingamen. He dropped it when I threatened to report him to Odin, but I'm sure he'll try for it again. Freyja was overjoyed at its return, naturally. No word on whether or not she'll press charges, but I told her I'd be happy to testify if she does. All in a day's work.

Sunday, Middle of Fall, Eternity

Skies partly cloudy over Bifröst—looks like snow may be on the way. A visitor of interest arrived today: a frost giant, Thrym, who had a diplomatic clearance. If I had my way, there'd be no such thing, but I had to let him pass. My instincts tell me that he's up to no good. Must be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Monday, End of Fall, Eternity

Snowfall makes visibility poor—winter's here at last. Issued a security detail to escort Thor and Loki, dressed as bride and bridesmaid, into Jotunheim. Turns out I was right about Thrym: he stole Thor's hammer. I suggested they go undercover to retrieve it. Temporary freeze on border crossings until they get back.

Tuesday, Beginning of Winter, Eternity

Slow day because of the freeze on border crossings. Nothing to report. Polished horn and sharpened sword.

Woden's Day, Beginning of Winter, Eternity

Approximately 4:00AM, Loki and Thor returned with Thor's hammer. Preparations are in full swing for a party to celebrate the success of their mission, which means lots of deliveries over Bifröst today. After the theft of Thor's hammer, I'm taking extra precautions: all deliverymen must be announced and present ID. Long line at the border and tired agents, but nothing's too big a sacrifice for Asgard's security.

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