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Heimdall's Wall


Thanks again for getting my necklace back from Loki!

Frigg and Odin

    (Frigg and Odin like this.)

No prob, Freyja. Always happy to lay down the law here in Asgard.

Ha, did he tell you he had to fight me in the form of a seal? It's my latest, greatest shape!

Well, that would certainly explain why my necklace was covered in seaweed and muck—it took the jewelers three hours to cleanse it of your grubby paws, Loki.

Just saw Frey racing across Bifröst into Jotunheim. Now what could he possibly be up to there?

Don't worry about it, Heimsy. He's got it bad for a giantess named Gerd. Probably just off to woo her, yet again.


Tell me about it! He keeps begging me to help him, but the lady's got her mind made up!

Ah, young love. Glad I never took part in such antics!

Really? That's not what I heard!


Dad, Faðir won't let me go out hunting! But I told him you're my real dad.

Jarl, you know I expect you to respect Faðir like a father. I don't want to hear any more whining from you!


That's right, young man! Now get off the computer and back to your runes homework!

Heimdall, I'm concerned that a giant named Hrungnir may be trying to cross over into Asgard. He wasn't too happy when I told him how much better my horse was than his own.

Got it, chief. I'll be on the lookout. But what should I do if I see him?

Just hold him for me.

Want me to help take care of the problem, Dad?

It's a beautiful, clear day here on Bifröst, everyone. The sun is shining, and no giants in sight!

Great! Perhaps I'll see if the hubby wants to pack a picnic basket and head out for a little walk!

If you decide to come, stop by my place and I'll give you a bottle of my new elderflower mead—it's heavenly!

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