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Heist Society

Heist Society


by Ally Carter

 Table of Contents

Heist Society Characters

Meet the Cast

Katarina Bishop

She's No Disney PrincessIf you were going to judge her by her name alone, you might think "Katarina" was some struggling orphan girl who belongs in an old-school cartoon. But while Heist Society wa...

W.W. Hale the Fifth

Partners-in-Crime: Hale and KatW.W. Hale the Fifth—or "Hale," if you're besties with this upper-class heist expert—is Kat's partner in crime. And nothing more, okay? Even though he's known Kat...

Arturo Taccone

Fifty Shades of VillainyTaccone is the villain of our story. He's described as "a whole different kind of bad" (3.44). The implication is that yes, Kat's a thief, but Arturo Taccone, he might have...

The Bagshaws

Boiler Room These two are the comic relief of the novel—the Weasley twins of the Heist Society universe. Angus and Hamish Bagshaw are basically twins, but Hamish is shorter and stockier than...


Dangerous Curves AheadWhen we first witness a meeting between Gabrielle and Kat, we see that Kat bristles immediately. You can practically see the jealously coming off of her in hot, green waves. S...

Gregory Reginald Wainwright

Don of the HenleyThis guy has had so much wool pulled over his eyes he could knit a sweater for each member of the Duggar family. Poor, put-upon Gregory Reginald Wainwright is the director of the H...

Nicholas Smith

Picks Pockets, Steals HeartsNick stumbles into Kat on a cold night in Paris and picks her pocket, but you can't steal from another thief, silly. So Kat one-ups Nick. Okay, she three- or four-ups hi...

Minor Characters

Bobby BishopFather Steals BestIf we added up the number of pages in the book where Bobby Bishop appears, and figured out the percentage of those pages that occur in the whole novel, we think that p...

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