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Heist Society

Heist Society


by Ally Carter

 Table of Contents

Heist Society Themes

Heist Society Themes


It's possible to have two families: the family you're born into, and the family you choose. Unless you're a time traveler, you probably didn't have any choice in the family you were born into. But...

Respect and Reputation

You wouldn't think that a thief would be known for honor. But if video games have taught us anything, it's that thieving is all about respect and reputation, at least it is if you're a raccoon from...

Lies and Deceit

While a thief can have an honor code, let's face the facts: a thief wouldn't succeed without the uncanny ability to lie to your face. Kat seems to get by on just a few white lies throughout the boo...

Morality and Ethics

So, thieves are all about honor, family, respect, reputation, lies, and deceit. Confused yet? This seemingly hypocritical lifestyle causes some strife for Kat, too. Being a thief with a moral code...


While it may or may not be a man's world anymore, the world Kat lives in is definitely a man's world. Think of all the heist movies you've seen or games you've played. Who are the stars? George Clo...

Art and Culture

Art is more than just pigments on a canvas. All great art pieces have a history, and carry with them a whole host of emotions, as if they were, themselves, alive. People get so attached to the Mona...

The Home

People with millions of dollars often have more than one home. Maybe a nice cabin in Maine, a mansion in Beverly Hills, a bungalow in Florida. But which one of these houses do you think they call "...


One reason to read fiction is to get a different view of the world from the comfort of your own couch, bed, or toilet. How many of us would have lived through war-torn France during World War I, su...

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