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Hel's Wall


Please Hel, I'm begging you. Release Balder from Hel! He's just a boy…

Awww, does mommy miss her little Balder-walder?

Who calls me that?


Sorry Frigg, but fair's fair. Nobody escapes from Hel on my watch.


Ahhh, eternal darkness. Silence. Stillness. Why would anyone ever want to leave?


Ummm, because it's freezing here? Also, the River Gjöll is really noisy.

But your hospitality is very welcoming, Hel.


Thanks, I try :-)


Hel, I'm so impressed by how clean your hall is. How do you keep it looking so nice?


Ah, those would be my servants, Ganglati and Ganglöt. They may be slow, but they do get the job done eventually.

Do they have any friends who are looking for work? My cook just quit and her replacement is terrible. Lutefisk for dinner three days in a row…

Mmmmm, lutefisk. Of course, I'll eat anything.


I don't know, Freyja, but I'll get the word out that you're looking.

Hey sis, check out my advocacy website! They're trying to get me sprung. They even published my life story.


Looks great. Hope that works out for you, bro.

Hey, why issssn't anybody trying to get me freed?


Because you're too big to fit anywhere but right where you are.

Well, yesss, there's that. LOL.


Mistress, I've finished the lefse for Balder's welcome banquet. Is there anything else you'd like me to prepare?


Well, what did you have in mind for dessert?

I've just published a great apple kuken recipe on my blog! Check it out!


I don't know if we have enough apples for that, mistress.

I'd offer to bring some over, but I'm not eager to visit your place anytime soon, LOL.



Modgud (Móðguðr)

Mistress, there's some guy at the gate here says he wants to talk to you about Balder. Says his name is Hermod.


Blast, I told Freyja that I'm not releasing Balder. She just won't take no for an answer, will she?


So what do I tell him?


Sigh. I'll deal with him. Let him through. Oh, and give him directions to Éljuðnir.

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