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by H.D.

Helen Resources


Hello, H.D.

Here's a wonderfully detailed bio of our gal. Almost too detailed, in fact. We, for example, would rather not have known that H.D. found Pound's kisses suffocating.

Imagism 101

Learn about the poetry movement that put H.D. on the map.

Head on over to Yale…

… to check out H.D.'s papers to get inside her magnificent brain.

Some English Profs Analyze "Helen"

Do you agree with what they've got to say?



Check out the trailer for the 2004 film, featuring Diane Kruger as Helen. Do you think she fits the bill?



This reading's a little robotic, but worth the listen.

H.D. Reads from her Long Poem "Helen of Troy"

Yes, it's true: Hilda couldn't stop writing about Helen


H.D.: A Total Fox

She could give Helen a run for her money.

Elizabeth Taylor as Helen

In the 1967 film Doctor Faustus. Excellent casting, absurd costuming.

Articles and Interviews

Modern American Poetry on H.D.

Here's a nifty resource on our gal, if you're looking for more scoop.

Helen of Troy

A good overview of Helen, with more facts and legend than you can stand.


H.D.'s Collected Poems

This is an awesome book for the H.D. lovers among us.


Read it online for free, and maybe you'll get to the root of the Helen problem.

Movies & TV


The 2004 movie, featuring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Diane Kruger—a totally swoon-worth cast. Too bad the movie's a dud.

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