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Helen Photos

My Beautiful Hair
Ah, my gorgeous locks... I should be in a shampoo commercial! [Helen of Troy by Evelyn de Morgan, 1898]

Why the Trojan War Wasn't My Fault
As this painting clearly shows, Aphrodite made me fall in love with Paris. What's a girl to do against the goddess of love? [Venus Induces Helen to Fall in Love With Paris by Angelica Kauffman, 1790]

Sweet Paris
Oh, that Trojan really was a charmer. [The Love of Helen and Paris by Jaques-Louis David, 1788]

Walking the Wall of Troy
Ugh, it was so windy on top of the walls of Troy... my hair got majorly frizzy. [Helen of Troy by Frederic Leighton, 1865]

A Bad Painting
Really, how could someone depict me with such a nasty look on my face? [Helen of Troy by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys, 1867]

Another Bad Likeness
What is wrong with these painters who just can't capture my true beauty? Well at least I'm the subject of so many portraits. That makes sense. [Helen of Troy by DG Rossetti, 1863]

Why I Shouldn't Be Too Hard on All These Painters
When Zeuxis wanted to paint a portrait of me, he couldn't find a model beautiful enough so he had to combine the best features of five different women. [Zeuxis et les filles de Crotone by Francois-Andre Vincent, 1789.]

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