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Helios (Sol)'s Wall


Hmmm, this drought sure is bad. I bet Apollo is screwing up my old job.

Nobody wants your opinion, you has-been.

Just saying that maybe you ought to fly the Sun a little higher in the sky. Getting kind of hot down here.

I'm doing just fine.

It's Father's Day, and I'm missing Phaeton something awful.

I feel you, Helios. I was a mess after Icarus died.

Death is a terrible thing. It really is.

Really? You're just going to bad mouth me like that?

Oh, sorry. No offense.

You know, maybe I wouldn't have had to come take both of your sons away if you guys had been better fathers.


You go too far, sir!

Seriously, Daedalus, you let your kid fly off in the sky in an untested prototype?

We had no choice!

And, Helios, you let your child drive a chariot across the sky dragging the Sun? I mean... it's the Sun. You didn't think that was a little dangerous?

I'm having Hecate over for tea today. Why don't you join us, Helios?

Really, you want to hang out with me?!

I'm still grateful to the both of you for helping me find Persephone.

Ares is right. You are nosy.

He's a good god, unlike some nasty repulsive vile disgusting deities I know.

You know, they ought to make you the goddess of horrible mothers-in-law.

So sad today. Nothing to do but mope around the palace.

Maybe you wouldn't be alone if you hadn't been up in everybody's
business all the time back in the day.

I was honor-bound to tell Hephaestus about your indiscretions with his

Yeah, well I was honor bound to make the Romans conquer Greece so that
eventually you were erased in the minds of the people and Apollo took over your job.

Curse you, Ares!

All's fair in love and war.

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