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ILoveMetric.com - The band's official site

Of the band's independence, Haines says: "And a big part of it for us is making the website a real location. When the touring becomes the only way you are doing any kind of promotion or having any interaction with your fans, you become so exhausted that you don't have the mental energy for much else, and there's so many other ways that music exists, as much as we love playing rock shows. I found that part of the setup of a conventional record label is that someone is always asking you do something you don't want to do. Now that we've eliminated that, I'm actually excited to do stuff on the website. I've started writing stuff, and we're going to offer cool things that people can get there. They can get the album on vinyl, and free acoustic tracks...I'm just really into it. The things that felt before like burdensome marketing tools, that I had no interest in participating in, now are just simple things. It just took so much of the big spin out of it for us, and we're probably ecstatic to be free of that feeling."

A Wanted Mag: "Emily's Essay"

Emily Haines writes her own biography of the band, her early life, living in New York with Jimmy, and the origins of Metric.

Metric's Bio

On the official website, presumably written by the band itself.

The Von Pip Musical Express: "Alive and Kicking, the Metric Interview"

All about Fantasies: its creation, influences, and sound.

PrefixMag: "Metric, the Interview"

Another journalist asks about Fantasies

Better Propaganda: "Metric Interview"

A slightly older interview, more focused on the band's touring lifestyle in the years preceding Fantasies.

Killahbeez.com: "Interview Emily Haines"

The interviewer asks the lead singer about the new album, what it's like to be suddenly famous, and other collaborations and solo efforts she has done.

The Gothamist Interview: Metric

The interviewer asks the band a bunch of funny questions and makes them do word-associations.

"The Happiness Project"

One of Haines's favorite things to listen to right now, an experimental album based on the melodies in people's speech.

Telegraph UK: "Metric, Taking out the middlemen"

An article about the band's decision to self-release Fantasies

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