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Henry IV Part 1 Act 2, Scene 2 Summary

  • Hal, Falstaff, Poins, Peto, and Bardolph gather on a roadside at Gads Hill in anticipation of the robbery they've planned. Because Poins has hidden Falstaff's horse, Falstaff complains he's too fat to walk – he'll wheeze and fart if he has to waddle too far.
  • Falstaff jokes that Poins has bewitched him because, even though he's a rascal, Falstaff still loves him.
  • Gadshill arrives (presumably, from the inn he visited in the last scene) and greets his cronies, who are hiding in wait.
  • Bardolph (or Gadshill, depending on your edition of the play) says the king's exchequer (treasury) is coming down the road – everyone be quiet and get ready to pounce!
  • Falstaff worries they'll all be hanged for stealing from the king, but the others are psyched about getting rich.
  • Hal and Poins sneak off and disguise themselves while Falstaff, Gadshill, Bardolph, and Peto lie in wait for the exchequer.
  • After Falstaff and company rob the king's men, Hal and Poins jump out of the bushes and yell "stick 'em up!"
  • They slap Falstaff around a bit and take away his stolen loot. Falstaff runs off with his tail between his legs while Hal and Poins high-five.

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