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Henry IV Part 1 Act 4, Scene 2 Summary

  • In Coventry, on the road to Shrewsbury, Falstaff and his foot soldiers take a breather and Falstaff sends Bardolph to town for a bottle of sack (wine).
  • Falstaff tells us that he's abused his powers as a captain. He's allowed able-bodied soldiers to buy their way out of service and has, consequently, amassed a sad looking group of scraggly troops, most of whom are fresh out of prison.
  • Prince Hal enters with Westmoreland and asks Falstaff about his raggedy troops. Falstaff responds that they're "food for [gun] powder" and will "fill a pit" as well as any dead body.
  • Yikes! Westmoreland comments that the troops are "exceeding poor and bare, too beggarly."

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