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Henry IV Part 1 Act 5, Scene 3 Summary

  • Cut to the battle scene.
  • Walter Blunt, who is disguised as the king, encounters Douglas. They talk trash and then Douglas kills Blunt.
  • Hotspur enters and gives Douglas props for being such a mighty warrior.
  • Douglas tells Hotspur they can all go home and have a nice hot soak in the tub because he's just killed King Henry.
  • Hotspur points out that Douglas has killed Blunt, not the king. Henry's got a bunch of soldiers dressed like him for protection.
  • Hotspur and Douglas run off to slay some more of the king's men.
  • Falstaff enters and sees Blunt's body on the ground. He reiterates that "honour" is a bunch of hogwash. Just look where it got Blunt.
  • Prince Hal joins him and asks to borrow Falstaff's weapon. He finds instead a bottle of wine, so Hal yells at Falstaff for acting like a clown at an inappropriate time.
  • Falstaff waffles with some bull about how he's going to slay Percy if he sees him.

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