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Henry IV Part 2 Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line). Line numbers correspond to the Norton edition.

Quote #10

My lord, I found the prince in the next room,
Washing with kindly tears his gentle cheeks,
With such a deep demeanor in great sorrow
That tyranny, which never quaffed but blood,
Would, by beholding him, have washed his knife
With gentle eyedrops. He is coming hither. (4.3.235-240)

Warwick, who seems to know Hal well, defends the prince after Henry IV flips out about Hal "trying on" the crown. In fact, Warwick reports that Hal went crying into another room when he thought his father was dead so, it seems that Hal was devastated. Yet, Warwick also says something kind of strange here. Apparently, Hal was sobbing so much that his tears could have "wash'd" a bloody knife. Of course, Warwick means to imply that Hal is sorrowful but, the image of "tyranny's" bloody knife in this passage seems kind of menacing, don't you think?

Quote #11

O my son,
God put it in thy mind to take it hence
That thou mightst win the more thy father's love,
Pleading so wisely in excuse of it.
Come hither, Harry, sit thou by my bed (4.3.334-338)

It's a good thing King Henry decides to forgive Hal for taking his crown because Henry's on his death bed. In the play, it's pretty important for Hal and his father to reconcile before Hal inherits the throne. In fact, it seems as though the well-being of the war-torn country depends on it, which you can read all about by going to "Quotes" for "Power."

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