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Character Role Analysis

Lord Chief Justice

From Act 5, Scene 2 on, the newly crowned King Henry V is ready to uphold the law of the land. Having spent most of his youth raising hell with the commoners and making the royal family look bad, Hal's going to need a trusty advisor, don't you think? Hmm. Who could possibly be up for such a task? Oh, we know. The Lord Chief Justice (the only guy who had the guts to punish the prince when he acted like a punk) would be perfect for the job. This must be why the newly crowned King Henry V says to him "My voice shall sound as you do prompt my ear, / And I will stoop and humble my intents / To your well-practiced wise directions" (5.2.120-122). In other words, from here on out, the LCJ has got the king's ear. In fact, King Henry V embraces the LCJ as a "father" figure, a clear sign that Hal has "buried" his wild ways in his father's "grave" (5.2).