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Henry IV Part 2

Henry IV Part 2


by William Shakespeare

Henry IV Part 2: Hank, Hanker, Hankiest Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Henry IV Part 2? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What are the names of the two old justices of the peace?

Simple and Still
Hollow and Hush
Petty and Peace
Shallow and Silence
Joe and Brian
Q. When does Prince Hal take his father’s crown?

After he has fallen asleep
After he has died
After he has gone into a coma
Right after shouting, “Hey - what’s that over there?” and pointing at nothing in particular
Q. What advice does King Henry give his son about ruling the kingdom?

To lay down the law harshly so that his subjects fear him
To start a foreign war to distract his subjects from problems at home
To be fair and forgiving, so that his subjects respect him
To deny his subjects universal healthcare, as that doesn’t really benefit the wealthy in any way
To start three foreign wars, because just one isn't enough
Q. Whom does Prince Hal become?

Prince Hal I
Prince Henry IV ½
Prince Henry V
Prince Edward III
A butterfly
Q. Which is one of Hal’s first orders of business after becoming king?

He has the Lord Chief Justice executed for treason
He redecorates the den
He takes Mistress Quickly as his wife and queen
He banishes Falstaff