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Quote #10

Master Shallow, I owe you a thousand pound.
Yea, marry, Sir John; which I beseech you to let me
have home with me.
That can hardly be, Master Shallow. Do not you
grieve at this; I shall be sent for in private to
him: look you, he must seem thus to the world:
fear not your advancements; I will be the man yet
that shall make you great.
I cannot well perceive how, unless you should give
me your doublet and stuff me out with straw. I
beseech you, good Sir John, let me have five hundred
of my thousand. (5.5.11)

In the previous passage, we saw that Justice Shallow planned to use Falstaff in order to curry favor at court. Here, it seems that Falstaff has got the better of Shallow, who loaned Falstaff a bunch of money when he thought Falstaff would be a close companion to the newly crowned king. If you're interested in Falstaff's tremendous debt, check out "Quotes" for "Weakness."

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