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Henry IV Part 2

Henry IV Part 2


by William Shakespeare

Sir John Falstaff Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2.1: On a London street, Falstaff discusses his financial debt and various physical ailments with his Page.
  • 1.2.6: After attempting to avoid the Lord Chief Justice, Falstaff is confronted by the magistrate about his participation in the Gads Hill robbery (which occurred in Henry IV Part 1 at 2.1.14). Falstaff is off the hook because of his military service during the battle at Shrewsbury and current appointment as a recruiter for the king's army.
  • 1.2.26: Falstaff slyly reminds the Lord Chief Justice of the time Prince Hal assaulted the magistrate and pretends that he disapproves of Hal's behavior.
  • 2.1.1: Fang and Snare threaten to arrest Falstaff for swindling Mistress Quickly, who confronts Falstaff about the money he owes her. Falstaff sweet talks his way out of the situation, deftly avoids arrest, manages to get another loan from Mistress Quickly, and is invited back to the Boar's Head tavern.
  • 2.4.1: Falstaff carouses with Mistress Quickly and his favorite prostitute, Doll Tearsheet, at the Boar's Head. He brawls with Pistol, makes out with Tearsheet, and is confronted by Prince Hal for talking smack about the prince. Falstaff is in the middle of an eventful evening when he's called away to fulfill his military duties.
  • 3.2.1: Falstaff travels to Justice Shallow's country estate in Gloucestershire to recruit soldiers for the king's army. He shoots the breeze with Shallow (an old law school chum), accepts bribes from a couple of men who don't want to serve in the military, and heads off to Gaultree forest to join Prince John.
  • 4.3.1: Falstaff easily arrests Coleville (a rebel) at Gaultree Forest and then lies to Prince John about how valiant he was.
  • 4.3.12: Falstaff delivers a speech about the benefits of drinking wine.
  • 5.1.1: Having travelled from Gaultree Forest back to Shallow's place in Gloucestershire, Falstaff is invited to stay as a guest.
  • 5.3.1: Falstaff enjoys a festive meal with Justice Shallow and Justice Silence. When he learns the news that King Henry IV is dead, he hurries off to London to see Hal because he thinks "the laws of England are at [his, Falstaff's] commandment."
  • 5.5.4: On a street in London, Falstaff attempts to address the newly crowned Hal (a.k.a. King Henry V) but is banished by Hal. Falstaff tries to play it off but is taken to Fleet Prison in London. Prince John tells us that Falstaff will be well "provided" for and is banished until he changes his ways.
  • Epilogue: The Epilogue promises to continue the story of Falstaff in the sequel to the play but Falstaff never appears in Henry V.