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Henry V Act 4, Scene 8 Summary

  • When Williams returns and sees his glove in Fluellen's hat, he slaps Fluellen.
  • Fluellen accuses Williams of being a traitor and says that Williams should be arrested.
  • The two men scream at each other until King Henry steps forward and confesses that he's playing a joke on them. He admits that he's the one who exchanged gloves with Williams when the two bickered back at camp the night before.
  • Williams is shocked, but he defends himself and says that he didn't know he was arguing with the king, since Henry was disguised as a commoner.
  • Henry fills the glove with some coins and gives it to Williams, who is pretty ticked off that he's been punked.
  • When Fluellen tries to give Williams some more money so he can go out and buy a new pair of shoes (seriously), Williams feels insulted.
  • An unnamed English Herald shows up and we learn about the casualties of war: Ten thousand French soldiers have been counted dead (many of whom were princes and noblemen).
  • Miraculously, only four English nobles and twenty-five commoners have been killed in battle.
  • Henry orders a procession through the local village and says anyone who doesn't give God props for the English victory will be put to death.

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