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Henry V Act 5, Scene 1 Summary

  • Back at the English camp in France, Fluellen and Gower talk about why Fluellen is wearing a leek (kind of like an onion) in his hat, even though St. Davy's Day was yesterday (March 1).
  • Brain Snack: For the Welsh, wearing a leek in one's hat on St. Davy's Day was as patriotic as Americans eating too many hotdogs and lighting fireworks on Independence Day.
  • Fluellen tells us that he's still wearing the leek because, yesterday, Pistol insulted him by sending him some salt and bread (to eat with the leek).
  • When Pistol shows up, Fluellen beats him severely and crams the leek in his mouth.
  • Then Fluellen gives Pistol some money and tells him to scram.
  • Gower points out that Pistol got what was coming to him. Next time, Pistol will think twice before messing with a guy just because he's got a whacky Welsh accent.
  • Left alone on stage, Pistol relates some sad news: His wife, Mistress Quickly, has died of venereal disease. (Just like Falstaff.)
  • Pistol decides that, since he no longer has a wife to go home to, he's going to become a pimp.

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