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Catherine Timeline and Summary

  • 3.0: We learn from the Chorus that King Charles VI has offered Catherine to Henry V in exchange for not invading France.
  • 3.4: Catherine has learned that she will likely be married off to Henry V, so she asks her lady-in-waiting, Alice, for an English language tutorial.
  • 3.4: Catherine learns some new words: hand, finger, nails, arm, elbow, neck, chin, foot, and gown.
  • 3.4: Catherine declares that she'll never say the words "foot" and "gown" in front of any French gentlemen because they sound like dirty French words ("foutre" and "con").
  • 3.4: After vowing never to say the naughty words in front of a Frenchman, Catherine repeats what she has just learned in a thick accent: " de hand, de fingres, de nails, de arm, de
  • elbow, de nick, de sin [chin], de foot, de cown [gown]." (Whoops. Let's hope there aren't any Frenchmen in the audience.)
  • 5.2: Catherine's parents sign a peace treaty. One of Henry's demands is that he get to marry Catherine.
  • 5.2: Catherine is trotted out so she and Henry can get to know each other.
  • 5.2: When Henry begins to woo her and begs her for her hand in marriage, she points out that it doesn't matter what she says because her father will make that decision for her.
  • 5.2: Catherine's dad announces that she'll get hitched to Henry and the marriage will unite England and France.
  • Epilogue: We learn that, later, Catherine has a son, Henry VI, who screws up big time and loses France.