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Henry V
Henry V
by William Shakespeare
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Henry V Memory and the Past Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

It was ourself thou didst abuse.
Your majesty came not like yourself: you appeared to
me but as a common man; witness the night, your
garments, your lowliness; and what your highness
suffered under that shape, I beseech you take it for
your own fault and not mine: for had you been as I
took you for, I made no offence; therefore, I
beseech your highness, pardon me. (4.8.4)

When Henry plays a practical joke on Williams (which involved disguising himself as a commoner and getting into an argument with the man), it seems like Henry is up to his old tricks. When we first met Henry back in Henry IV Part 1, the young prince loved a good gag. (Remember the trick he played on Falstaff at Gadshill?) Some things never change.

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