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Heqat (Heket)'s Wall


Hey girlfriend!

Um, hi? Do I know you?

LOL what? We were hanging out in the Underworld just last week.

I think you've mistaken me for someone else.

'sephy, I told you it's with a C!

Oh! There you are! Sorry, lady. Your name looked familiar?

That's all right. You're not the first one to confuse us.

What do we have to do to get people to realize we're not even close to the same?

Well, I thought the frog thing would help, but then you went and took that too.

Not on purpose. And you don't have any dogs, do you?

Not unless you count Anubis.

I am NOT a dog!


Heqat, I wanted to thank you for the nursing advice. Little Neferirkare and the others are doing great.

You're welcome! I'm sure Isis will be happy to hear this, too.

I sure am. Congratulations on your new babies!


You were the BEST midwives! How long do you think it'll be before he sleeps all night? He's been a lot fussier than the other two.

Oh, it'll be a while.


But we'll be ready.

No monsters under our little pharaohs' beds while we're around!

Pharaoh Khufu

Who you calling pharaohs? Those runts are not getting my throne.


Yes they are. I prophesied it already. Don't you listen?

Pharaoh Khufu

Shut up, Djedi.


Leave my babies alone!

Harry Potter fan

Great Lady Heqat, is it true that you use magic wands?

Yes, it is. I use one to protect babies and mothers from disease and other dangers.

Harry Potter fan

So what kind of wand is it? Unicorn horn with a phoenix heart? Or maybe some exotic Egyptian wood?

Hippopotamus tusk, actually.

Harry Potter fan

Cool. What house were you sorted into?

Ra's house?


likes this.


She's messing with you, kid. Everybody knows Heqat's a Slytherin.

I'm a frog, Bes, not a snake.

Heqat, were you the midwife when I was born?

I was one of the ladies who had that honor, yes.

Does that make you my godmother?

If you want.

It's good to make friends among the gods, son.

Certainly can't hurt.

Heqat, you do realize this means war, right?

Go be a grouch on someone else's Wall.

likes this.

I don't get any respect.

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