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Hera (Juno)'s Wall


Zeus left Olympus this morning in the form of a golden orangutan. Very concerned.

Nothing to worry about.

Who's the girl this time?

Just monkeying around.


I wish there were a god of divorce.


Wishing Hera would leave me alone.

Stop whining, tough guy.


You put snakes in my cradle on the day I was born. I have a lot to whine about.

Such a baby.


Yes, I was a baby, you psychopath!

Just wrote a new recipe! Pomegranate-Ambrosia Custard.


Yum. I'll have to try it.

About to post it on my blog.


I love your blog. It's one of the only things that keeps me sane down here.


Mom, can you send me some of your ambrosia cookies?

My little Ares-bear is homesick. Of course I will send you some cookies.

Not for me. For my dog.

Aha! Right, darling. I'll have Hermes get them to you tonight. ;)


You never send me anything.

That's because you don't deserve anything.

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Lady Pheme

Hello, Queen of the gods! Wondering what you plan on wearing to Aphrodite's annual birthday bash? The Wake Up Olympus viewers are dying to know!

I like to keep these things a surprise. I'll give you a hint though: the designer has designed for Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Carla Bruni.

Lady Pheme

OOOOOOOOOH! Thanks much, Lady H.

Aletha Doukakis

Queen Hera, greetings from your humble mortal servant. I hope you liked the bull I sacrificed to you yesterday. I just wanted to convey my love and appreciation for all that you do for the world. I am getting married tomorrow. It would give me great honor to have you there.

Darling, I'm a busy goddess. I can't attend every wedding in the universe. But I did appreciate your gift and will bless your marriage from Olympus. XO.

Aletha Doukakis

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Queen Hera. You are the fairest of all the goddesses.

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Oh, really?

Aletha Doukakis

Oh, and you are exquisite too, Lady Aphrodite.

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Please, Aphrodite. Stop begging for attention all the time. Aletha, you better quit while you're ahead.

Aletha Doukakis

Right. I'm a huge fan of you both!

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