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Heracles (Hercules)

Heracles (Hercules)

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Heracles (Hercules) Photos

Heracles and the Nemean Lion
Naked lion wrestling: do not try this at home. [Sculpture by J.M. Félix Magdalena. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jomafemag, 2009.]

The Origin of the Milky Way
The day Hera unknowingly saved my life. [Painting by Jacopo Tintoretto, c. 1575.]

Heracles and a Snake
This snake was a lot easier to get along with after I killed it. [Roman sculpture, 2nd century A.D.]

Heracles at the Crossroads
I had to choose between Virtue and Pleasure. Man, that was a tough one. [Painting by Annibale Carracci, c. 1596.]

Heracles and Nessus
This centaur got exactly what he deserved. Too bad his blood killed me later on – by setting my skin on fire! [Sculpture by Giambologna, 1599. Photo by Ricardo André Frantz, 2005.]

Heracles Fights the Hydra
Take that, Hydra! [Painting by Guido Reni, 1620.]

Heracles Fighting the Lion
It looks a little bit like we're dancing. That's an illusion. [Painting by Jacopo Torni.]

Heracles and Athena
Athena takes good care of me. [Kylix from 480-470 B.C.]

The Death of Heracles
Being on fire is probably one of the less fun things I've had to go through. [Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán, 1634.]

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