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Heracles (Hercules)'s Wall


Getting bored on Mt. Olympus.

I could send a monster your way.


Maybe a giant snake with lion's claws, the tusks of boar, and fire for blood.

Thanks, that sounds great!


Mother, stop encouraging him.

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Alternatively, Hera, I could always fight you. Have you ever heard of the phrase "monster-in-law"?

Watch it, son. That's my wife you're talking to.

Missing my kids.

They're safe and sound in my neighborhood. Wishing they wouldn't play so rough with Cerberus though.

Have I ever told you how much I absolutely loathe your guts?

No! Wow, I am so shocked to hear that.

Sarcastic little twerp.

For someone who supposedly hates me, you sure spend a lot of time on my wall.

I'm ignoring you.

Seriously, can't you go bother one of Zeus' other kids? There sure are enough to choose from ;)

Great. Thank you for reminding her.


Honey, did you ever notice how you and my mom have really similar names? Hera and Heracles.

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I hate being Disneyfied.  Whose bright idea was it to make me YOUR MOTHER in Hercules? Is this your idea of some kind of practical joke, Heracles? FIX IT NOW.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill out, Mom. You know you love me.

I'm not kidding, Heracles.  If you like feasting on ambrosia and nectar, you'll do as I say.

What if I don't?

Impudent little TWERP. You are not worthy of Mount Olympus, and I mean to strip you of your immortality.

Did you notice that you're back to posting on my wall again? Why is that, exactly?


Could it be (gasp) that you secretly like me, Hera? Could it be that I am your favorite son-in-law?

Borrowing Cerberus for the day to scare away some giants.  Thanks, Uncle Hades!

You're welcome.  Take good care of my Cerby-pants.

You got it!  Cerby's my main man.

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