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Herman Melville Movies & TV

Moby-Dick (1956)

This adaptation of Herman Melville's greatest novel is a classic. The movie's all-star credits include John Huston as director, Ray Bradbury as screenwriter, and Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab. Beware the white whale!

Bartleby (2001)

This film brings to life one of Melville's most mystifying stories. Who is Bartleby, the enigmatic clerk who would "prefer not" to do what he's asked? The film stars the excellent David Paymer and Crispin Glover.

Billy Budd (1962)

An exciting, high-seas action movie about the falsely accused sailor Billy Budd. How do you say "no" to a tagline like "The Men!.. The Mutiny!...The Might!... The Magnitude Of Herman Melville's Classic Adventure of the High Seas!"?

Herman Melville: Damned in Paradise (1985)

Using a combination of documentary and dramatic techniques, this film looks at the personal stories behind Melville's best known works. F. Murray Abraham voices Melville, and John Huston narrates.

Herman Melville: November in My Soul (1978)

This documentary looks at Melville's early years. The title comes from a passage in the first chapter of Moby-Dick, when Ishmael says, "whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul… I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."_CITATION42_ This is a hard-to-find movie.

Doug's First Movie

Herman Melville plays a starring role in this kid's movie—not Melville the writer, but Melville the monster. The gentle inhabitant of Lucky Duck Lake gets the Melville nickname when he creeps into the house and tries to eat a copy of Moby-Dick.

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