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Herman Melville Websites

The Life and Works of Herman Melville

The grand-daddy of all Herman Melville sites. It is a trove of primary documents, texts, fun facts, and other information related to the writer. We particularly like that the site offers subscriptions to "Ishmail," the newsletter of all things Melville.

Herman Melville's Arrowhead

Melville purchased Arrowhead, his home in the Berkshire Mountains, after a run of successful book sales. He wanted to retreat to the quiet of the mountains in order to write. He eventually sold it when his debts outstripped his writing income. The home is now a museum and a useful source of Melville history.

Brandeis University

Brandies professor Andreas Teuber created this page for his literature course. The site contains a long biography of Melville, as well as a bibliography of his works. It links to other Melville sites as well, such as the New Bedford Whaling Museum and Melville.org.

American Academy of Poets

Though better known for his fiction, Herman Melville was also a poet. He published the poetry collection Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War in 1866 after being emotionally moved by the Civil War. This site contains Melville's biography, plus texts of his poems and links to other works about him. It also lays out a neat walking tour of Melville's New York City.

Literary History

A bibliography of Melville-related critical works that are available online—and, more importantly, that meet scholarly standards. This is a good place to look for secondary materials if you're writing a long paper.

Moby-Dick Online

This site from Princeton University allows you to search by chapter and line. That's a helpful tool for a book with this many lines.

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