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Hermes (Mercury)

Hermes (Mercury)

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Hermes (Mercury) Photos

    Portrait of Hermes
    I look good in black and white. [Illustration from 1574.]

    Hermes and Apollo
    Hey Apollo, look over there! Ha ha, made you look. [Painting by Francesco Albani, 1623-25.]

    Statue of Hermes
    Just chillin', leaning on this conveniently placed branch. [Photo by Wikimedia Commons user saliko.]

    Hermes in Paris
    Here I am hanging out above a shopping center in Paris. [Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Coyau, 2011.]

    Hermes, Aphrodite, and Eros
    Trying to be a good dad, just in case it turns out Eros really is my son. [Painting by Correggio, 1525.]

    Hermes Steals from Apollo
    Passing a beautiful day by herding some cows. Tee hee. [Painting by Claude Lorrain, c. 1645.]

    Hermes and Aphrodite
    Agh, let go of my helmet! [Painting by Bartholomäus Spranger, c. 1585.]

    Bust of Hermes
    Girls love a guy who looks mysterious and introspective. [Photo by Wikimedia Commons user shakko, 2008.]

    Hermes in Budapest
    I can fly! [Statue in Budapest, Hungary.]

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