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Hestia (Vesta)'s Wall


What a lovely day of sitting by the hearth.

Wow. Thanks for the update. Don't you do that like all day, every day?

Yes, and it's very pleasant.

I still can't believe you're okay with that.

Believe it.

Girlfriend, you need a man in your life. Let me find somebody for you.

No means no.

Tasted a mouthwatering sacrifice today. Some sort of goat I think. Simply delicious.

For the record, I think it's messed up that you get a piece of every sacrifice there is.

How can that be helped, bro? I'm the spirit of the sacrificial flame. It's my duty.

P-dog is right. It's totally unfair.

This jealousy is troublesome.

It's just messed up is all I'm saying.

Could it be that you're both still angry that I chose to be an eternal virgin rather than marry either of you?

Well, that was messed up too.

Yeah! What's wrong with us?

Stare into the flames of the hearth, contemplate your soul, and the answer will be clear.

We don't have hearths under the ocean.


Still thinking bout you, Hesty Baby.

Please refrain from posting on my wall, you vile creature.


Hey, I'm sorry I tried to take advantage of you while you were sleep, alright?

Well, I'm glad you finally apologized.


Why don't I make it up to you?



I'll come by the hearth of Olympus tonight, and we can... you know... make some s'mores.

Hmmm, well I do like s'mores.

Don't do it!

This is unwise.

They'll say anything to get us virgin goddesses.

You ladies are right. Take a hike, Mr. Priapus.


Man, Eros said this was a sure thing.

Hey dude, she's tougher than she looks.

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