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Hey Jude

Hey Jude


by The Beatles

Movies & TV

A Hard Day's Night (1964)

The Beatles' first film follows the band through a hectic day on tour fending off fans and trying to keep McCartney's scheming grandfather out of trouble. Like everything the Beatles did during these years, the soundtrack-album reached number one.

Help! (1965)

The Beatles' second film featured a more elaborate plot, but inspired by the Marx brothers' Duck Soup, it was far from thematically complex. Like A Hard Day's Night, this film served primarily to showcase the band and provide a backdrop for their music.

The Beatles: The First US Visit (1964)

Sort of a real Hard Day's Night, this documentary follows the band on its first visit to America. There's great performance footage, including the historic Ed Sullivan appearance, and a taste of the hysteria that surrounded their tour.

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