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Hippolyta (Hippolyte)

Hippolyta (Hippolyte)

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Hippolyta (Hippolyte) Photos

    Bow Before Your Queen
    I look pretty awesome in profile, don't you think? [Insignia published in "Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum," 1553]

    My Awful Ex-Husband
    Yeah, I was pretty depressed when Theseus conquered me and forced me to be his queen. P.S. Check out that hat. [Theseus entering Athens in triumph with Amazon queen Hippolyte and her sister Emilie, extracted from The Theseides, codex Vidobonensis 2617, Austrian National Library, ca. 1460]

    My Girdle
    It's really too bad Hera the whole gifting-of-my-magic-girdle-to-Heracles thing into such a disaster. [Heracles gets the Belt of Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons by J. M. Félix Magdalena, 2010]

    I cried for every one of my sisters who died trying to rescue me from Theseus's clutches. ["Wounded Amazon" by Franz von Stuck, 1903]

    Long Rides on the Beach
    There's nothing like riding through the surf on the way to battle. [Amazons by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tishbein, 1820]

    The Good Old Days
    Oh, how I miss the days riding with my sisters. [Rest of the Amazons by Albert Weisgerber, 1913]