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Hippolyta (Hippolyte)'s Wall


Yeah! Tonight's the first night of the Elysium Female Roller Derby League. I better see all you ladies there.


You rock, sis!

I've noticed only Amazons have replied to the invite. What's up, ladies of Elysium?

We're a little scared of you guys…


Don't call us guys!

Just because we aren't pathetic and weak like most females, it doesn't
mean we aren't women.

"You guys" is just like an expression. Chill.


Well, it's a nasty expression if you ask me. It reflects the centuries of male oppression that women have had to endure.

No doubt, sis, but this thread has gotten very off topic. All I'm saying is that I want to see all the ladies down at the rink this weekend. We're going to show all these men just how awesome women can be.

What if I'm the cheerleader? I've got the prettiest outfit. I bet all the men would love it! ☺

I don't even know where to begin…

Hey Hippolyta, why don't I cruise down from Olympus and pick you up tonight?

Um, why?

Oh you know... I thought we could have a nice, um, conversation.

Well, as long as you're not expecting anything else…


This is Heracles we're talking about! You've always had a soft spot for him, and it's disgusting. I can't believe you just gave him your magic girdle.

Don't hate.

You know what? My sister is right. Stop harassing me.

So, I'll pick you up at 8?

Thinking about burning down Theseus's beach house tonight while he's sleeping. Who's with me?


I'm in.

Let's do it!

Ladies, ladies... why all the hostility?

You kidnapped me.


Forced me to marry you.


Dumped me for another girl… then killed me.

Well, you did attack me and Phaedra's wedding. That was pretty rude.


I wish Hippolyta had killed you both! I can't believe you ditched me on an island and then had the nerve to later marry my sister.

You know, forgiveness is divine.

You and Pirithious kidnapped me when I was like twelve and tried to make me your bride. It seriously messed me up.

Don't go trying to blame all of your mistakes on me…

Enough! Ladies, we're definitely having a bonfire tonight…

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